Privacy Policy and it's team take your privacy very seriously. Because this app uses the YouTube API any information you provide in the application during the Authorization process will be only used to generate your YouTube Live credentials. does not store or share your YouTube Live credentials. A refresh token and access token are stored within the app's settings file that is located along side the application. This file, and the application are stored locally on your computer, and thus never transmitted outside of the application itself.

Any other information regarding your YouTube account is only ever accessed and stored locally on your computer.

Please see Google Privacy Policy, which relies on.

Information collects consists of two entities, the application hereinafter referred to as application, and the website hereinafter referred to as website.

With respect to YouTube's API usage, the website performs no data collection, and data collection is solely isolated to the application on the local user's computer. The data that the application collects, consists of your access token and refresh token, stored in a configuration file locally alongside the application. During operation of the application, a user's name, and their ID are retained within a user file.

The application collects this data directly from YouTube's API that services their Live Streaming service.

Why collects data

The application consists of multiple data/configuration files, one of which is a user file, this file is used to provide rapid access lookup, as well as associating other data with a user.

This other data can consist of internal information, such as, how many times a user used a specific chat command, when they were last present, and is not limited to the application only, as actions/code can utilize a user's ID to provide a lookup for storing data associated with the user.

Sharing your information

The application does not share data to any 3rd party entities, or to the website on it's own.

With the customizability of the application, a user may, under their own guise, access their data in any manner they wish, and use it in any manner they wish; such as, when a YouTube Super Chat event occurs, the user's name in question could be shown as an alert on the broadcaster's stream; this functionality is not present by default, and requires a user to set this up themselves.